Managing forests to generate positive environmental and social impacts alongside financial returns

About us

Vista Hermosa Inversiones Forestales (Vista) is a Chilean company focused on sustainable management of timberland. Founded in 2021 by a consortium led by BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group (TIG), along with British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI), a Canadian pension investment manager, and APG, a Dutch pension provider, the shareholders of Vista invest globally according to the highest standards of environmental, social and corporate governance.

Vista manages approximately 80,500 hectares of total area in the central and southern regions of Chile, being approximately 61,700 hectares of productive area for timberland use, and the remaining being mainly protected areas. The assets are located in areas with high biological growth rates, are diversified in terms of age class, sales strategy and end markets.

Vista is committed to manage its assets in a sustainable manner, applying high standards of environmental and social governance, and generating a positive impact in the communities surrounding its operations. Through the implementation of sustainable forestry practices, Vista will be actively focused on responsibly managing its assets and maintaining a close relationship with the local communities and with all involved stakeholders.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a leader in sustainable forest management, supplying high-quality timber for local and global markets. Our mission is to consistently deliver value for our company and its stakeholders, while also supporting neighboring communities, preserving Chile’s biodiversity and promoting nature-based solutions including carbon removals. Vista Hermosa is committed to working with our partners to apply high standards of environmental practice, transparency, and governance to our forests.

Where we are

Vista has approximately 80,500 hectares of total area mainly located in Maule, Araucanía and Los Lagos.


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